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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Browsing the Met

Elijah Boardman, 1789, by Ralph Earl.
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Last week I discovered that the Metropolitan Museum of Art has an online browsing feature where you can while away an afternoon or evening exploring their many and varied treasures from all over the world.  I highly recommend it.

This portrait from the Met's American collection is one I have seen before, and I like it a lot.  For one thing, unlike some colonial painters, this one is a master of realistic portraiture; and for another thing, the subject is quite a handsome fellow, don't you think, guys?

There's also a subtle trompe-l'oeil effect at work here, which is ingenious. Can you spot it?

Below the jump, a few more random pieces from the Met that caught my eye today; but do go make your own discoveries.  What a wonder to be living in an age when you can enjoy so many beautiful things without having to make a long journey - or even change out of your pj's.

Click to enlarge, of course.

Terracotta psykter attributed to Oltos, circa 520 B. C.

Artist wearing smock by Chauvassainges, circa 1856

Reclining male nude by Thomas Eakins, circa 1887

Young male nude seated on leopard skin by Guglielmo Plushow, 1890's

Acrobats by George Platt Lynes, 1941

Men's beaded bodice, Africa, mid-20th century

Oh Mary, don't ask.

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