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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Comparing Notes

With somebody I used to know.
Today would have been our twentieth anniversary.

Yesterday, the ex-roommate wrote me with a new video he came across that speaks to the pain of love and loss and whatever that we have each been through in the past.  In some ways, our lives have paralleled each other's, so we can relate on all that heartache stuff and the craziness that follows.   But I'm a little bit whole lot country, he's a little bit rock 'n' roll - you know how that goes - so the song doesn't grab me the way it does him.  But I can appreciate what the young'uns are attempting to do there, and I am honestly impressed that three people can play one 12-string at the same time:  quite a feat, kudos to them.

I responded with a couple of songs I used to listen to over and over at a certain time in my life that caught my feelings then.  So here's all three, maybe if one of you guys needs a broken-heart song for some reason one lonely night, one of these will fill the bill.  

P.S. - Boys, listen to the old man here.  If ain't broke, don't fix it.  If it is broke, don't spend more than two weeks, max, crying in your beer.  Does you no damn good at all, and doesn't mean a thing to him.  Just turn the page and Move.Fucking.ON.

And don't look back.  Trust me on this, will ya guys?


Anonymous said...

Good advise Russ


Larry said...

If you are of a Certain Age, your P.S. would ring as a clarion bell. Regret is so useless, and a total waste of time.

Stan said...

Well said. I hear you Russ.

Frank said...

Have definitely listened to my share of broken heart songs, though, thankfully, not in many years.

Some cuties on that guitar.

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