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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Pork Boys Do Valentine's Day

So the ex-roommate had a hankering for fajitas, and asked if I wanted to drive down and have some too. Silly man.

He used a big wok I gave him a long while back to make two batches of meat mixture, beef as well as chicken. He also made a skilletful of Spanish rice from scratch. By the time the soft tacos were warmed up, we had shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, grated cheese, and set salsa and sour cream on the table to go with it.

Not to mention taco chips and queso dip to pour over them.

OH MY. It sure was good, fellas, larruppin' good to tell you the truth.

For dessert, M.P.'s homemade cinnamon rolls that he made two big pans of, one for me to take home along with some fajita leftovers too.

So I will eat well again today. Wish you coulda been there, boys, it was a fine supper, I tell you what.

We're still having technical difficulties with cameras and such, so above and below, a couple of approximations of what we had to eat, just to give you the general idea.


Frank said...


Believe it or not we had leftovers, and no cards or flowers either.

And whats with the new CAPTCHA or whatever they call those nonsense word you have to type?

Russ Manley said...

I have no idea, wasn't aware of it till you mentioned the fact.

It's appearing on your blog comments too. Maybe this is the new thing blogger is doing? You'd think they would have let us know, though.

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