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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Grandparents for Marriage Equality

You know, guys, I'm getting really tired of hearing the mindless catchphrase "Religion ruins everything" bandied about, and another day I will rant more on that subject. For right now, I just want to say that religion can also help a lot of things get much better, as witness this short clip of the Rev. John and Dorothy Ruitan, married 70 years, grandparents of nine, including two gay grandsons - as they speak out for equal marriage.

Which, by the way, shows there is no reason to give your relations a pass on this subject just because you think "oh they are so old, they just can't get it." Nonsense. Of course they can. It's whether they want to get it, that's the question.


Frank said...

If all religious folk shared that loving point of view, we would not be badmouthing religious leaders and religious institutions.

The "problem" with religion is its ability to "shape-shift" to fit personal biases, beliefs, interpretations: its inconsistency on matters of grave importances is problematic and makes it suspect - despite enlightened people such as the Ruitans and Sister Jeannine Gramick.

It truly breaks my heart, as I have felt very abused by the religion I grew up with and once respected.

I sneeze, you say? said...

It seems "religion" has become a generalized term for fundamentalism. For the who gave up their faith to a bunch of rigged confrontationalists, I offer that religion did not mean that much to you. It is easy, and popular, to speak against religion. Yet, it does no good.

I offer that speaking against intolerance and abuse of power, not only in religious homes but in all facets of our world, would do more good than just walking away from something that "meant something."

To just speak against the trouble within religious dogma is exactly what sacred teachings say not to do. Speak against the "leaders" that "own" authority and use it to oppress. Speak up for people, as a person of faith, whatever it is. Take back your religious actions of kindness. Explore your actions and compare them to your words. Consider speaking and standing up for something, instead of against. It is not as easy as complaining, but it helps the world to become a better place. Or, just accept that you have given up to the anger and are part of the movement of conflict.

Conflict does seem to keep America distracted. It is much easier to get riled up than to stand up.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful video. Beautiful family.

God bless the fellow who posted this on his blog.

Josh Thomas

Russ Manley said...

Sneeze, while I agree in broad terms with what you said about the importance of speaking truth to power - there's something a bit condescending in your remarks, and I have to take you down a notch here.

Your comment blithely ignores the deep, death-dealing hurt that these fanatical, fundamentalist religious outfits have dealt to many millions of us. When you are in an abusive relationship, the best thing you can do is leave, not stand there and keep taking the punches and kicks until your guts are knocked out of you.

I know whereof I speak, unlike you, evidently, because I spent all of my teen years, age 14 to 21, in a suicidal depression over this religious abuse. It damn nearly killed me, and that is no exaggeration.

I spent the next ten years far away from religion, until finally I felt drawn to a much different and more accepting church. But how can you, whoever you are, possibly know what my faith means to me? He jests at wounds who never felt a scar . . . .

If you feel able to join an outfit like that and be a fearless witness to truth and love and human dignity, why go right ahead man, have at it and more power to you. Let me know how that works out.

But you obviously haven't done that, have you?

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