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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Drive: Angels from the Realms of Glory

Here we come face to face with the mystery of the Incarnation: the eternal Deity becoming a member of the human race, by birth from Mary. This does not mean that a human child became fused with divinity or that God was infused into a particular person at a particular time. There can be no change in the species or the identity of an individual. It is as unthinkable for a mere human being to become God as it would be for an animal to become human.

Rather, the eternal God dared to become human at a particular time. That is why he can suffer with us, sacrifice for us, intercede on our behalf. Because he is one of us, he can be our representative. Because he is one with God, he can bring new life for us all. It is a mystery—a stupendous one. It is the great Christian paradox: God stooping low to us so that we might be raised high to God.

--Today's Meditation, from Forward Movement

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