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Sunday, December 26, 2010

It Gets Better: This Week's Faves

My God, how the world has changed in my lifetime.  Videos like this would have made a profound impression on me as a lonely gay teenager - this one is by staffers at White House - the White House, for God's sake:

And gay university presidents?  With their spouses?  Unthinkable back then, but yup:

And who could ever have imagined a gay softball team - in Austin, Texas?  A great message from the Gay World Series champs, who can beat the straight boys at their own game and make 'em like it:

Ditto from the San Francisco Track and Field Club:

At the other end of the scale, international drag queens have a fabulous message too:

An Eagle Scout says you can be true to your oath and be true to yourself too:

Adobe Systems employees say it got a lot better for them:

So do Etsy employees:

Asian-American kids catch a lot of flack from the parents but say don't let that hold you down:

Even way over on the other side of the world, it gets better in Singapore, too:

And even with ultra-conservative Catholic Republican parents, Chris Kelly says stick it out, it only gets better:

And to top it all off, this is not an IGB video, but you gotta hear this story from Hank Chen, which made your Head Trucker spew coffee all over the keyboard:


Hank said...

Hey! You're blog is amazing and so insightful. I'm so glad I was able to share some of my story and humor through your site. Thanks so much! Hope the coffee came out of the keyboard ok...

Russ Manley said...

It did, but thanks for making me laugh. You have a knack for comedy, Hank, good luck with your stand-up career, thanks for stopping by.

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