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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"There's a Communist in the White House": Tea Party Tax Day

Tragedy and comedy, all at the same time.  Away with the federal government - but keep my Social Security because that's not government.  And lower taxes for the rich, who shouldn't have to pay more than anybody else. 

Cover your keyboard before viewing.

Note that most of these people at this particular protest are not Southerners.  I can tell.

And BTW, who the fuck is this Lord Monckton, and what the hell business does he have sticking his British nose into our politics?

Honk to Culture Choc.


Stan said...

I think these idiots get way too much media coverage. While they're out there displaying how ridiculous they are the rest of America is out busting their ass strugling to make ends meet.
I do like them for their entertainment value I must admit.

dave said...

Hell No, they're not Southerners - they're idiots in my humble view.

Russ Manley said...

I agree with both of you.

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