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Sunday, April 18, 2010

That's Gay: Prom

I didn't go to my prom, didn't have a girlfriend at that time, and so never got swept up in the excitement of all that.  So it was a non-event in my world, and as I recall I was much more focused on graduation and getting out of high school hell.

Did any of you guys go to prom, I wonder, and was it fun?

Update:  Via Joe.My.God. - down in Cochran, Georgia, about 40 miles south of Macon, Derrick Martin took his boyfriend Richard Goodman, both 18, to Derrick's prom on Saturday night, and a good time was had by all, no incidents.  The local school board acquiesced after they discovered they had no rule in place to justify prohibiting a same-sex couple from attending. 

I love this picture, they look just exactly like me and my contemporaries did when I was in high school:

And this is a picture of real courage.  You guys have to understand - it's small-town Georgia, which, like small-town Texas, is extremely homophobic and hostile to anything gay.  Derrick's parents, in fact, have kicked him out of the house over this.  In my day and time, that would have been only the beginning of troubles.

But what a difference forty years makes.  When I stop to think how very different my life might have been if only . . . .   OMG.

1 comment:

dave said...

It was agony.

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