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Friday, April 9, 2010

Gay Jesus Play Nixed Again

So on Wednesday, Fort Worth's Rose Marine Theater announced it would allow the cancelled student production of Corpus Christi to be performed on its stage.

And then on Thursday, after receiving at least one threat of violence, the theater's board of directors withdrew the offer.

Meanwhile, Gallaudet University in Washington, D. C., is putting on three performances of the play this weekend.  In which the Christ-like figure is not only gay but deaf, too.  Imagine that.

Naturally, the rightwing homophobes up there are protesting too, but Gallaudet officials have not backed down.

By coincidence, I suppose, playwright Terrence McNally, who grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas, made news for a different, but serendipitous reason this week, as the Washington Post reports:
Married: Terrence McNally and Tom Kirdahy Tuesday in Washington. The Tony-winning playwright, 71, and lawyer, 46, tied the knot on the banks of the Potomac near the Kennedy Center, which is running a series of McNally's plays. The couple had a civil union in Vermont seven years ago, but wanted a marriage: Rev. George Walker of the People's Congregational United Church of Christ performed the ceremony -- Kirdahy read a scene from McNally's play "Corpus Christi" -- and actress Tyne Daly served as a witness. The couple live in New York City.


Mareczku said...

Dear Russ: I am just sending you a hug here. I read your "Write to Marry" post. I was so touched. I also cried and I almost burned my bagel in the toaster. But I had to rush off to work. I felt so sad as I thought of your story during the day and all that you went through. Thanks for sharing.

Russ Manley said...

Thanks Mark, appreciate ya.

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