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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mixner Says "Enough!"

An excerpt from David Mixner, now marking 50 years of activism for civil rights, who has these trenchant observations on President Obama and LGBT rights - emphasis in the original:
How bad is the situation? Really bad. We are not anywhere near there yet. By any stretch of the imagination. . . .

President Obama Addresses The Annual Human Rights Campaign National DinnerFor the last year, over and over again in the blogsphere, we have written about how 2009 was our year. We understood never again would we have the kind of margin the Democrats had in Congress in the future, that it wasn't an election year and that the time to act was then. The Obama team, and yes HRC, told us to wait; that they had a grand plan and everything would take place in time.

Well the time is over for poetic words and empty promises. Our patience has run out. If HRC has a master plan and time schedule, we at this stage, have a right to know what it is and what the Obama team promised them last year. Simply put, enough of these political games and giving our friends permission to take detours, prolong the trip and deny us our freedom.

As our president memorably said a while ago, "Enough." Really and seriously - enough.

Honk to AmericablogGay.

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