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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Upset Victory on American Idol

American Idol Season 8 Finale - Arrivals

It was a close race, but at the finish line, with near 100 million votes cast, dark horse Kris Allen beat out front-runner Adam Lambert by a nose to win this year's American Idol competition. Were you disappointed?

The roommate and I were rooting for teh gay, of course: not just because of that, but also because he's got an electrifying stage presence that reminds me of Mr. Showmanship himself, the great Liberace, whom I saw in concert once. He's going to go far, very far, in show biz.

But then there is the oh-so-cute - and very, um, truckable - Kris, who is in fact a fine performer and likewise has a great career ahead, I'm sure. Did I mention how cute he is? Mmm-mmm, when he smiles that little smile . . . it does things to me. Pity he's straight.

Though actually, your Head Trucker thinks Adam could be quite a woofer too, if he'd just butch it up some - lose the eyeliner and fingernail paint, and get a decent haircut. But that's okay, he's young and having the time of his life right now, so rock on out buddy, while you can. His facial structure reminds us both here of Elvis, right down to the curling lip when he snarls out a tune. I want to hear him sing more, and scream a little less (see the video below for beautiful song).

Well, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for these boys. This summer, they and the other finalists are embarking on a 50-city tour - geez, it's great to be young and full of pep. At my age, it makes me feel waaay tired just thinking about a hell-for-leather tour like that. That's what happens to ya when you get to be an old fart.

BTW - did you know Adam is actually a redhead? Here he is singing at his high school graduation in 2000:

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