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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Wish I could take credit for the title, but Joe Jervis thought that one up, brilliant as usual.

Guess by now you know that topless pictures have surfaced of the very Christian Carrie Prejean, Miss California, whose very righteous stand on the issue of no-marriage-for-queers cost her the Miss USA crown last week. I never expected to be posting cheesecake on this blog, but for the record, here she is, from Joe's website:

Maggie Gallagher, head of the National Organization for Marriage that Miss Prejean signed up with following the pageant debacle, has posted this response:

Because Carrie honestly said what she believed in answer to a question--marriage is the union of a man and a woman-- she is now the subject of ongoing character assassination. The level of hatred directed at her is astonishing. Even more astonishing is her personal courage and strength of character in the midst of these attacks. Of course Carrie is not perfect. On a personal note, as a former unwed mother, I want to say to Americans: you don’t have to be a perfect person to have the right to stand up for marriage. Nothing gay marriage advocates can do can change the fact—we all saw it on national TV—that Carrie is a young woman who surrendered all the glitter Hollywood has to offer, because she would not become the kind of person afraid to say the truth.

Here's a news report on the developing scandal; apparently there are even more revealing pics of Prejean yet to come:

Mmm, okay, let me see if I got this straight: you are still a good Christian if you spread outrageous lies, strut around dolled up like a harlot, show your fake titties, fornicate, and have babies out of wedlock. (Remember Bristol? There's a lot of that Christian fornication going around.) But it's all good: God don't mind any of that a bit. Don't you worry your pretty little head about it.

Right. But if you are gay, you are pure evil and will burn in hell forever. No exceptions, no questions asked.

Um, what's wrong with this fucking picture?

What I Say: I've held back from blogging about Prejean because

a) she's very young and still has a lot to learn about real life, who cares what her vaseline-toothed opinion is - a few years from now she may see things very differently; and

b) Perez Hilton, the pageant judge who asked the notorious question, is a fucking asshole, as smugly self-righteous and hateful as anybody on the other side could be. He deliberately set her up to fall, and then when she didn't give the "right" answer (as he knew she wouldn't), immediately set about castigating her for it, even calling her a "dumb bitch."

That sucks, guys; that's nasty, unfair, and utterly unworthy of the gay community in general. Hilton can kiss my ass - because he just lowered me and all the rest of us in the estimation of millions of people. We don't need that kind of smarmy shit - our cause is bigger, better, and nobler than that little guttersnipe, who certainly doesn't represent me.

On that particular point, I agree with Gavin Newsom, mayor of San Francisco: "I want to challenge her on her point of view, but she spoke her conscience; I think she's being a little unfairly maligned."

Remember fellas - our glory as Americans is that this is a free country, where everybody is free to speak their mind, and believe what they want - right or wrong. Stating what you believe is not the same thing as stating a provable lie.

But - now that Prejean has joined forces with NOM and is making herself a spokeswoman for denying millions of gay people the equal justice of the laws, she is fair game to be held accountable for lies and hypocrisy. You can't say "well, I never claimed to be perfect," when you are holding other people to a super-strict and one-sided definition of what you think good morality is. Oh no, Miss Thing, it don't work like that.

And btw - the asshole British MP who said, "If you read that Miss California has been murdered, you will know it was me, won't you?" needs his ass kicked. That kind of shit talk has no place in civilized discourse. Again, that's being just as nasty and self-righteous as the other side; but we don't need that, boys, it's unhelpful and it's just plain wrong.

Like my mama always said: two wrongs don't make a right.

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