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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Perversion for Profit

Hey you - yeah, you buddy with the hair on your palms - don't click that porn link! Stop looking at them nekkid pictures right now! Don't you know - once you get perverted by porn, you will always be a pervert?! And that's not all - you'll start raping, killing, drugging, and goatfucking too. . . . SEX = DEATH.

Sex destroyed Egypt, Greece, and Rome, you want to destroy America too? Don't you know porn is part of the Communist plot to drive this nation to its knees? For the love of all that's holy, please stop before it's too late - get your hand out of your pants!

Go play some baseball, take a cold shower, and pray real hard, instead. In fact, you should probably lock the doors, turn off the computer, and spend the rest of the day on your knees, praying you won't become a lifelong perv. Go do it right now! Save yourself - and your country!

This film from 1965 was narrated by George Putnam, conservative LA news anchor, and financed by anti-porn crusader Charles Keating - who, in the 1980's, pulled a Madoff in the savings & loan industry that wiped out thousands of people's life savings and cost the government three billion fucking dollars. He was later convicted of fraud and sent to prison.

Such a good, moral, upright man. A real example of how to live a clean, decent, godfearing life - such a great role model for young people to look up to. A real pillar of society here in this Christian nation so wisely founded on God's laws.

Right. And now, listen closely to this warning on the horrible dangers of pornography engulfing this great nation - especially all you straight boys, don't be enticed into homosexuality: today's conquest is tomorrow's competition!


Hilarious edited version:

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