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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

In Today's News

--the New Hampshire House passed a marriage equality bill, 178-167, and sent it to Governor John Lynch, who thinks marriage is for straights but hasn't said whether or not he'll sign the bill.

--McDonald's has agreed to a cash settlement and diversity training for its Louisville, Kentucky, stores, after an employee in a downtown store called five gay customers "faggots" and "cocksuckers" last fall, and the store manager refused to refund their purchases.

--Christianist role models of traditional family values brought hope and inspiritation from Alaska to the nation's youth today - but, um, couldn't quite seem to agree on message:
Bristol Palin today embarked on Abstinence Tour 2009, making appearances on Good Morning America and the Today show followed by a town hall chat for teens.

"There's one way to prevent [teen pregnancy], and that's not having sex," she told Chris Cuomo on GMA. "I do think it's realistic. It's definitely the harder choice, but it's the safer choice. It's the best choice."

Her baby daddy, Levi Johnston, disagreed with her on the Early Show.

"Abstinence is a great idea, but I also think that you need to enforce, you know, condoms and birth control and other things like that to have safe sex," he said. "I don't think just telling young kids, 'you can't have sex'—it's not going to work. It's not realistic."
--Rep. Virginia Foxx, who last week called Matthew Shepard's brutal murder a "hoax," today wrote a letter of apology to his mother, Judy, head of the Matthew Shepard Foundation. The Foundation declined to comment further, saying it's time to move on and work to pass the federal hate-crimes bill.

--Distinguished actor David Ogden Stiers, 66, came out of the closet. I said, Who knew? The roommate said, Who didn't know?

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