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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Waitin' for the Weekend

This week, a blast from the past.  Some of these guys were probably just brothers, or friends, or schoolmates or workmates - but still, it makes you think about the closeted lovers of all ages past, and "the love that dared not speak its name."


Muskox said...

Those were innocent times. As much as we might want to read into their poses, I suspect most of those buddies had no sexual interest in their buddy. People were not afraid to touch each other in those days. Nobody thought there was anything untoward about an around-the-shoulder hug or a hand at his waist to pose for a photo.

However, there were also, I'm sure, some buddies who wanted it to be more than just a friendship, but were too timid to push it past friendship. And, of course, there were gay pairings even in those straight-laced times. It's impossible to tell from a picture.

Mike, Studio City said...

Have a good weekend. We just got back from West Hollywood. It's just over the hill from here about 15 minute drive. We went to see a TOM OF FINLAND exhibit at the Pacific Design Center. I told Glenn I could have stayed home and opened my drawer and seen my stash of T of F, however the ones we saw were originals.

Stan said...

My Dad who was in the Marine Corps had some provocative snap shots of him and his buddies that had me wondering but I never dared to asked.

Russ Manley said...

Muskox - yes a single photo doesn't mean anything, but as I said it makes you think about the ones we know were gay way back then.

Mike - I hear you. But his very early works are amazing, considering they were done in the 1940's - when nobody was out.

Stan - Well, you never can tell what lonely, horny straight boys might get up to, far away from home.

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