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Saturday, January 16, 2021

What I'm Watching: American Reckoning

 I don't know about you fellas, but after a week of high alarm and deep stress your Head Trucker has felt spent the last couple of days:  sort of in a daze, unable to listen any longer to the news and the flood of dire what-ifs about the coming days.  I slept ten hours last night and needed every bit of it.

The House did the supremely right thing, impeaching Trump for his heinous misuse and abuse of the Presidency: a testament to future generations of the enormity of his crime.  I doubt that the Senate, when it gets around to considering the Article of Impeachment, will do much to punish him.  Be that as it may, Trump will not have an easy time of it in retirement from office, considering how many state and federal officials are drawing up plans for his prosecution on one charge or another.  

And when and if his deluded followers wake up to the fact that he lied to them too, he may be in even bigger trouble.  I do think he will sooner or later reap what he has sown; and then there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

You all may be in recovery mode today too, and not ready to hear any more just yet about the events of this historic week.  But just for the record, I present here a couple of excellent summations of how we got to this point in American history.  

From the Washington Post, a review of the week just ended: 

From PBS NewsHour, Judy Woodruff hosts a wide-ranging discussion of how Trump has dragged the nation to this point:

N. B. -- Your Head Trucker does not necessarily agree with every point made in the above discussion; perhaps another day I will post my thoughts and views on these matters, but right now I'm tired of thinking about it, and looking forward to a brighter day under the incoming President - whom God preserve.


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