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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Trump: Don't Blame Me! Fear the Dangerous Dems!

Trump flew down to Alamo, Texas, today to have another look at his magnificent border wall - the first public appearance he has made since last week's attack on the Capitol by the mob he incited.  

Senator Lindsey Graham went with him on Air Force One - yes, that same Lindsey Graham, Trumpmeister's most faithful pup, who last week had to hide from the murderous throng, and later said on the floor of the Senate, "Count me out.  Enough's enough."


 Now he's trotting along behind his master again - as a dog returneth to his vomit

It's also reported that last night Trump had a "good conversation" with Vice President Mike Pence - whom Trump never called to check on while enraged fanatics were running through the halls of Congress shouting, "Hang Mike Pence" - and erected a gallows complete with noose on the grounds outside.  Last week, it was reported that Pence was "very angry" with Trump - but bygones are bygones, it seems. I guess they kissed and made up. What they talked about has not yet been reported, but you can bet it wasn't a Sunday school lesson. 

By the way, Trump isn't visiting the Alamo, which is in downtown San Antone, but the pee-mite town of Alamo, a mere suburb of the much larger city of McAllen, a farming center in the Rio Grande Valley. Still, the name of the Alamo is highly symbolic of a last stand, a fight to the death against tyranny, etc. - and you can believe that that, in and of itself, is a dog whistle to Trump's fanatical followers. 

Here are various clips of Trump's remarks today, in which he typically absolves himself of all responsibility for last week's insurrection and warns that impeachment is "very dangerous to America" - another dog whistle - trying to paint the Democrats and everyone else who doesn't kneel before him as the real threat to the country. 

Of course everything he says, including a, an, and the, is a total fucking LIE. He is so eaten up with conceit, he can't breathe without lying, just to glorify himself.  He has no remorse and no conscience.  He sicced a mob of killer dogs on the members of Congress - Republicans and Democrats alike - including the next three persons in the line of presidential succession.  And instead of lifting a finger to stop the attack, he sat in front of the television, gleefully watching the chaos he caused.



And then there's this:  Don't expect many Republicans to vote for impeachment or any other anti-Trump motion - even if they know that Trump is a huge fraud, they are terrified of being murdered by the frenzied MAGA mob, as freshman Republican Congressman Peter Meijer of Michigan explains:


Well, there it is.  The Senate is in recess and will not even receive the impeachment papers until January 19th at the earliest - a day before Biden's inauguration.  So we just have to wait it out now, and pray God the monster doesn't go "wild" again.  God help us all!

But I have to believe the monster will not live happily ever after.  Sooner or later, somewhere or other, he will meet his nemesis, as tyrants always do.  What goes around, comes around.



Frank said...

Could not watch the videos...I am so numb with news and commentary and videos. I am hoping to get through the 20th with a modicum of sanity and peace.

Russ Manley said...

I hear you, buddy. I'm counting the days too.

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