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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

McConnell: Trump Provoked Mob with Lies

Kentucky Republican Mitch McConnell, Majority Leader of the Senate, spoke quite plainly on the floor of the Senate today about Trump's role in the attack on the Capitol two weeks ago: McConnell - if the wily old pol can be believed - said all the right things an American patriot should say, and said them clearly and concisely.  Hmm. This could turn some GOP senators around. Maybe there's a chance of convicting Trump after all. 

Bonus: "Drunk on propaganda" -- A disgusting new video shot by a reporter during the attack shows six minutes of the wild-eyed mob invading the Senate chamber, with dipshit "horned man" leading them in prayer from the rostrum: 


Ex-FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe comments: "It's insanity. It has all the hallmarks of a riot of extremists who have been pushed to that point by a charismatic leader - in this case, it happens to be the President of the United States."

See more and worse of reporter Luke Mogelson's footage at the New Yorker.



Frank said...

Mitch is a powerful ideologue who was able to use and incompetent president to get what he wanted and now can just dispose of number 45 who is no longer serving any purpose and is yesterday’s trash standing in his way. He knows that with the Dems in the house and a 50-50 Senate he will have to play nice. There is no sincerity in his words. Yes they are the perfect words But as the saying goes he speaks with forked tongue.

Frank said...

Saw the second video yesterday. What can I say?
PS sorry about the typos in the above Comment I am using my phone because our Internet is out

Frank said...


I guess Fox news doesn’t want McConnell to play nice

Russ Manley said...

Hope your internet gets fixed quick. It's like being without water, isn't it? A real necessity of life in this modern age, for good or ill.

I should have added to my post, and may do so, "McConnell said all the right things . . . if we can believe him." Of course he is prepared wash his hands of Trump's spunk now that he is a liability not an asset. I believe the top GOP hounds are smelling blood now - will be interesting to see how long it takes the rank and file worms to turn on him too.

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