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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Biting the Hand That Protects You

National Guardsmen near the Capitol (2021) 

For a whole day it seemed that the world was really becoming a better place.  But how silly of me.  It's just the same old world with the same mixed-up people in it after all, as an egg flipped over is still the same old egg in the same old skillet.  Here is ingratitude, defined:

Politico reports (emphasis mine):

Thousands of National Guardsmen were forced to vacate congressional grounds on Thursday and are now taking their rest breaks outside and in nearby parking garages, after two weeks of sleepless nights protecting the nation’s capital in the wake of the violent Jan. 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol.

One unit, which had been resting in the Dirksen Senate Office building, was abruptly told to vacate the facility on Thursday, according to one Guardsman. The group was forced to rest in a nearby parking garage without internet reception, with just one electrical outlet, and one bathroom with two stalls for 5,000 troops, the person said. . . .

Guard leadership did not make the decision and are “doing their best to provide rest shelter for troops who are still on 12-hour shifts protecting the Capitol and congressional grounds,” the second Guardsman said.

“There really may be an important reason for us to vacate and it just hasn’t been well communicated yet,” the second Guardsman said.

I suppose some prissy bitch, of either gender, decided they were offended by all those smelly troops sleeping on the floors of Congress.  So send them to sit in a garage, they're only soldiers.  How fucking stupid - and ungrateful.  Makes me furious.  But I'll stop right there.

Update, 1/22/21, 8:30 a.m.:

Apparently, lawmakers in Congress were as outraged last night as your Head Trucker was, and according to this report the troops have now been allowed back into the Capitol.  


However, other reports say some outraged state governors have already ordered their troops to return home. Your Head Trucker says the leadership of the Capitol Police needs to be shaken up and tossed out if they don't have any more damn sense than to pull a stunt like this. Police leaders also dropped the ball big fucking time by allowing the attackers to even get close to the doors of the Capitol on January 6. Some heads have rolled already, and this incident indicates to me that others need to follow.



Davis said...

I understand Dr Biden made them baked treats.

Russ Manley said...

She did, you can find a clip on YT. A very thoughtful gesture.

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