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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Technical Difficulties

A little heads up, guys: my Sunday Drive feature, among other things, may be delayed this weekend - yesterday, in the middle of a video I was watching, YouTube suddenly stopped working. Despite numerous attempts with numerous videos, it's still not working either on YT or here on my blog.

Sometimes after much clicking around I can get one video to play, but then the next one I try won't. Don't know what the deal is, but I am totally pissed.

I keep getting a message to download a beta version of some Web player thing - which is ridiculous, I don't want to fool with some experiemental something that the FAQs say can screw up the rest of your stuff. And my Flash and other usual Windows stuff are all updated already - so being without any young children here to sort it all out, I'm stymied.

Is it just me, or all the rest of the world, too?


Larry said...

You are not alone. My connectivity has been hinkey for the last couple of weeks.

Tim said...

I seem to be alright here Russ, the reason I can't watch the Gayville video is a copyright issue, not technical. The YouTube link I sent is working OK, sorry can't help. Hang in there, don't give the computer flying lessons!

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