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Sunday, May 20, 2012

"Rahther Keen on Old Dick"

Happened to come across this amazing clip from the 1936 Australian film (they made movies in Australia?  who knew), Rangle River.  And it's w-a-y g-a-y for the thirties, y'all.  Check it out:

Victor Jory (at right), btw, played overseer Jonas Wilkerson in Gone With the Wind - you remember, the guy who after the war came rolling up to the front door of Tara with that white-trash Emmie Slattery, wanting to buy the place. And Scarlett threw a clod of Georgia red clay in his face.


Tim said...

Well that told her!, no place for a girlie on a lads day out!

Stan said...

How awkward it must have been back then to be gay and have someone like Miss Hastings throwing herself on you. I hope Reggie and Dick had a good time riding out there together.
Love the old flicks. Thanks for this find.

Russ Manley said...

Poor Miss Hastings, I think I can see her fate: always a fag hag, never a bride.

Glad you liked, Stan.

Davis said...

"Who knew?" --- Bitch... Quite a thriving film industry Down Under, Buddy!

That's a great clip! Thanks.

Russ Manley said...

Glad you liked. But I honestly had never heard of any Australian-made films from before WWII until now. Or any of the Dominions, come to think of it - didn't get much press here, and probably Hollywood found a way to keep them out of U.S. theaters.

Times are very different now, of course.

Davis said...

Yeah, I was of course, kidding, but though this is a very great country - we can be very provincial here. I expect you're right, Hollywood probably had a way of keeping such films away from the American public.

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