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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Harvey Milk Day

Just so you know, Save California, an anti-gay group, has put out this bucket of hate to mark the occasion (parental discretion advised - so call your mom and get her OK before you watch):

See also the updates I just posted to yesterday's story about the North Carolina preacher who wants to put us all "queers and homosexuals" in concentration camps until we die out, behind the electrified fences.

By way of contrast, here is California State Senator Leno explaining the day to his colleagues three years ago, when the state senate first authorized it:

Also, give a listen to the moving testimony of Dustin Lance Black before the state senate education committee:

And President Obama's remarks upon awarding Milk a posthumous Medal of Freedom in 2009:

Enuf said.


Tim said...

Oh dear, what a conflicted State (Country?). When are people going to get over the personalities and concentrate on the issues? This is why I'm wary of "spokesmen" for the LBGT community, it needs to be a groundswell of public opinion to effect lasting change and acceptance....in my humble view.

Russ Manley said...

I'm not sure I quite get your point there, pardner. Harvey Milk is in some ways our Martin Luther King here. I'm a native Southerner, and believe me when I tell you: if we were still waiting on a groundswell of public opinion, blacks would still be riding at the back of the bus in these parts and drinking out of the colored water fountains - all of which I remember vividly, I was there.

Maybe it's all a done deal for you guys in the UK but over here, we've had to push and strain and figiht for every inch of acceptance and civil rights these last forty years. And still we have haters who want to throw us all in concentration camps or worse, as I posted about the NC preacher yesterday. He is not at all an isolated case.

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