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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Judge Judy Comes Out for Gay Marriage

Forget Obama. When Judge Judy says it's the right thing to do, you know it's gonna happen.

While we're on the subject, former Secretary of State Colin Powell (who once argued strongly against having gays in the military and helped craft DADT) has also come across and is on the side of the angels now, saying the gays he knows "are as stable a family as my family is":

And finally, the President has made a campaign video narrated by actress Jane Lynch that reviews all he has done for gay rights as a "strong advocate." Your Head Trucker has to agree - just consider how much of this stuff would have happened under McCain and Palin, eh guys? - but since the Prez has worked my nerves so long with so much foot-dragging, I'm going to refrain from comment while I go take a sedative:

Children reading about the Second Civil Rights Era in history books many years from now will think it all happened in a trice. I'm here to tell ya, future young'uns - it didn't, and it isn't.

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