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Monday, March 12, 2012

Not in My Name

As I wrote some time back, I no longer care to post many stories about the awful things that happen in the world.  Too much bad news makes me numb and listless.  But this horror in Afghanistan -  done by a soldier wearing the uniform of my country - it so grieves my conscience and all my moral sense, and is so utterly repugnant to contemplate that I have to speak out and say the only thing I can:

I'm sorry.  And I am so ashamed for my country.

That doesn't cover it or change it or make it any less terrible, I know.  But I hope the Afghan people know that this inexcusable massacre is not something the American people ever willed or wanted, nor the vast majority of our soldiers.

I'm so sorry.  I don't know what else to say.  So very, very sorry.

May God give peace to the dead, comfort to the grieving, and have mercy on us all.


Theaterdog said...

You are fine man Mr.Manley for saying so just like you did.

Frank said...

There is no "Back to the Future" to undo such tragic and consequential acts of our fellow human beings. That such events have real and lasting effects that we are powerless to change is a mystery of life that is, if nothing else, humbling.

Tim said...

Amen to your thoughts and comments Russ, we should all hang our heads in shame for mankinds actions, in Afghanistan, in Syria and in our own lives. The list is endless and we still don't learn.

Russ Manley said...

No we never learn - the long, sad, sorry story of mankind.

When you look at another human being and say, You are not a man like me, your life has no value - that I think is the greatest sin of all.

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