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Saturday, March 3, 2012

"I Treasure the God Who Loves Me"

Well, former sitcom star, now evangelical Christian, Kirk Cameron expressed a nice little thought there.  Trouble is, why does he think his God loves him so much - and hates me and you, my truckbuddies?  Why does Cameron think God smiles with heavenly delight on his marriage - but would be moved to celestial wrath with yours or mine?  Why exactly does Cameron think he is a sinner Christ died to save - but you and I, Christ despised?

Listen to his interview with Piers Morgan and see if you can understand these things:

P.S. - Kirk, I have a clue for you: there was no Garden of Eden. Believe it or not.

Update: The Advocate reports:
The sometime actor sent an exclusive statement to ABCNews.com today to reply to his critics. “I spoke as honestly as I could, but some people believe my responses were not loving toward those in the gay community,” Cameron says. “That is not true. I can assuredly say that it’s my life’s mission to love all people. I should be able to express moral views on social issues, especially those that have been the underpinning of Western civilization for 2,000 years — without being slandered, accused of hate speech, and told from those who preach ‘tolerance’ that I need to either bend my beliefs to their moral standards or be silent when I’m in the public square.”

Cameron adds, “I believe we need to learn how to debate these things with greater love and respect. I’ve been encouraged by the support of many friends (including gay friends, incidentally).”

LGBT advocate Randy Roberts Potts, who is grandson of the late televangelist, Oral Roberts, has released a statement on Cameron’s response, saying, “Increasingly, Christians understand that loving their gay and lesbian family and friends means supporting them and advocating for protections for their families. Kirk may feel that he is defending the ‘underpinning of Western civilization’ through his words, but in reality they are harming those whom he claims to love. I hope that he will continue to study and pray on how he can demonstrate true Christian love toward gay and lesbian people.”

Oh, again with the invisible (imaginary?) "gay friends" routine . . . . Right.

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