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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

WTF: Pentagon Clueless about Missle Launch off California


I came across this story just an hour ago, and I'm speechless with wonder at the apparent total fucking ineptitude of not merely our government's military surveillance, but also of Washington's public-relations ability as well:

Mystery Missile Launch Seen off Calif. Coast

Pentagon can't explain 'missile' off California

Mystery missile vapor trail stumps Pentagon

Memo to the White House:

Hello?  Is anybody minding the goddamn store?  Somebody launches a big-ass missile 35 miles from downtown L.A., and nobody knows what the fuck it was?  Nobody in the Army, the Navy, the Air Force even noticed it?  Even NORAD has no clue, for chrissake??

Jesus mercy.  It's 24 hours now, and still a mystery.  This is not the way to run the fucking country.  What, are you shitheads partying while the Boss is out of town?  We need some reassurance out here, if not defense.  You guys in the West Wing need to put the bong down and do your fucking job.  Or rightly get your collective asses kicked by the Republicans.

As a commenter on this YouTube video remarked:
We strip-search grandma at the airport and make sure that my shampoo is in an approved container, but our Pentagon can't tell who's firing missiles around our country.

Update:  There's a lot of chatter being spread around now on various news sites and blogs about its being just a jet airliner contrail. And your Head Trucker says bullshit. I've never seen a rocket launch in person, but I've been seeing them on TV ever since John Glenn went into orbit, and I've also seen uncountable jet contrails living here in North Texas, with hundreds of planes flying into or out of DFW every day of the year. None of that makes me any kind of expert, of course, and I don't have a degree in anything relevant to rocket science or optics; but I still say bullshit. That's not a goddamn plane, it's some kind of missile.

If it was merely an airliner, then why the hell hasn't somebody identified it yet for the public? You know the FAA tracks every single plane into and out of L.A., and NORAD tracks everything in the skies over the U.S. If it was a plane, they could easily tell the public exactly which flight it was, judging by the time of day and the direction of travel.

But they aren't doing that, are they? Instead, they are saying they saw nothing at all on their radars in that time and place. Now why would they withhold that very elementary piece of information - unless it wasn't an airliner at all?

Besides, if you look at the video, it seems very clear to me that the object is moving away from the camera, and I think I see the flame of a rocket exhaust, a pinpoint of flickering light. Maybe I'm wrong, sure. But the cameraman who took the video says the object was moving with a spiraling motion.  So it was no plane.

Notice also the photos of a similar phenomenon last Dec. 31 in the same area, and the extended discussion in the comments section there about the plane vs. missile theories. Notice also the links in those same comments to official sources about the U.S. Navy's missile tests on San Nicholas Island, out beyond Catalina.

Using Occam's Razor, then, it seems pretty much a sure thing to your Head Trucker that this was a missile launch for some unknown purpose by our own military. Which if so, that's fine; no doubt there's a good reason for it. But why do this in broad daylight, and then pretend that our own military - which is supposed to be protecting us 24/7 from all enemies foreign and domestic, as the phrase goes - that the military is so inept and so clueless?

Instead of inspiring public confidence, that does just the opposite. A damn piss-poor way to run a country, if you ask me, whoever is in office.


Cubby said...

Relax, it was an optical illusion that the media whipped up into a sensational story. It was caused by a commercial passenger jet, not a missile.

Russ Manley said...

Well Cubby, I wish that were true, and if it shown to be the case I would unsay all my hard words. But see the update section I just added to this post.

Cubby said...

I think it's been proven definitively now that it was an optical illusion. The very same phenomenon was seen 24 hours later, and in fact is seen daily.

Russ Manley said...

Can you give me a link to this information?

Cubby said...

Check these out:









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