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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Remember, So I'm Voting

And remember, brethren - God Watches How You Vote!

Joe Jervis's exegesis on this bullshit sermon is priceless:
Because one day you'll be standing before Jeebus and have to account for your actions when he asks, "Why did you vote for a leader who's attempting to redefine my institution of marriage?" And if your answer is "because that leader was good on jobs and the economy," you are TOTALLY getting your ass sent to hell. Apparently Jeebus doesn't care too much whether you fed the poor or healed the sick. Blah, blah, BORING. What will get you ushered into Everlasting Glory, clearly, is spending your time on Earth with your Holy Boots on the necks of the heathens. Prai$e Hi$ Name! Vote GOP!


raulito said...

And the armies of the Lord shall march right on to the White House...so that the super rich and the corporations can continue to milk the poor and the middle class dry.

Doorman-Priest said...

Yay! Let's vote for Theocracy. Oh, haven't the Saudi's done that?

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