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Monday, November 1, 2010


This guy is going to vote tomorrow - why aren't you?

You really want the assholes to be in charge of your life?  Get your ass up off the couch and VOTE, fucker. 

David Mixner:
No one has been more gravely disappointed and, at times livid, with the practically non-existent record of President Obama on LGBT equal rights. Over and over again I have held this administration's feet to the fire in an effort to force them to move forward in our struggle for freedom. As we all know by now, those pleas often have fallen on deaf ears. Our disappointment, anger and frustration is totally justified.

What is not justified is to allow those emotions to intrude on our ability to be intelligent voters this election day. We cannot and should not shoot ourselves in the collective foot because of the administration's actions.

Why is it important to vote? Let's get right down to it: If the House and Senate fall into Republican Tea Party hands on November 2nd, the LGBT community will be facing the most hostile United States Congress in our history. The election of these bonafide Teabagging wing-nuts could cause chaos, fear and intimidation in our political process. Their ascendancy to power would validate some truly dark and despicable forces operating in American politics. If we think it is hard to achieve equal rights now just try and do it in a Tea Party dominated Congress.
Mike Signorile:
In recent weeks I've heard some of you call in and say you're not voting, sitting this one out because you're unhappy with the White House or Congress. Others have said they'll vote for a lesser candidate, pretty much giving their vote to a Republican in a close election. But I have said on the show for quite a while now, no matter how angry you are at President Obama or disappointed with the Democratic leadership -- and I've been one of the biggest critics around -- it is imperative that you get out and vote for the Democrats and against the tea party-backed Republicans.

The Republican Party would like nothing better than to see the discontent in the Democratic base help them install truly the most extreme lot of candidates we have seen in many years. We've exposed the tea party as nothing more than a reconfiguration of all the religious zealots, moral crusaders, racists and bigots who've been around for years. Do not attempt to punish the President or the Democrats by punishing yourself. This country has been in a very precarious state for a long time, in which the political winds can usher in something radical and extreme very quickly. Bad economic times are always an opportunity for those who seek to do that. We have demanded and will demand full accountability by the Democrats and President -- who is not on the ballot until 2012 -- but don't do it by giving power to your enemies. As David Mixner says . . . vote as if your life depends on it, because it does.
Keith Olbermann kicks ass and names names:

The [objective is] to elect a group of unqualified, unstable individuals who will do what they are told in exchange for money and power, and march this nation as far backward as they can get: backward to Jim Crow, or backward to the breadlines of the 1930's, or backward to hanging union organizers, or backward to the trusts and the robber barons. Result? The Tea Party. Vote backward, vote Tea Party.

And if you are somehow indifferent to what is planned for next Tuesday, it is nothing short of an attempted use of democracy to end this democracy. To buy America wholesale and pave over the freedoms and the care we take of one another, which have combined to make us the envy of the world. You do not think your freedom is at stake next Tuesday?
Think again.  And if you city boys don't know how to use a gun, you'd fucking well better VOTE tomorrow, goddammit.

You do know what he means, don't you?


PwoodeeCoo said...

Mr. Manley :) I don't know the first thing about politics. But i like your Blog. And i hope whoever gets voted in... is a good person who wants only peace in our society. Gays and all :)

Russ Manley said...

Thanks for those good thoughts, PC.

E.Michael Liu said...

Totally with you on this one Russ, These Tea Beggers are some of the most hateful people i have ever seen, we cannot and should not let these loonies with their 1850s mentality get anywhere near our Government. check out my blog too, (An African In the U.S) i have given some specific reasons why these crazies must be stop. i have also added you to my blog roll, thanks.

Joey said...

At least the Teabaggers agree DADT should go. Signorile and his ilk are just trying to desperately hang on to their us-versus-them mentality because that's what they've built their lives on, what gives them meaning. I voted for Obama, but I'll have no guilt about voting Republican. And I guarantee you the future will show the Repubs getting more and more gay-friendly and the Dems becoming bigger jerks. It's a new world and the gay-oldsters have to accept the changes.

Joey said...

And why in the world you would link to Towleroad which is run by a typical Manhattan gay snot who thinks all of Texas should be blown off the map, and posts comments from readers literally calling for the torture and murder of heterosexuals just ACCUSED of being homophobes (far worse than any of those Teabagger signs) is beyond me. (And I'll give you the links to prove my point if you wish).

Joey said...

And as far as "city boys" knowing how to use guns, they've certainly needed to since the Dems got in. Thug-gangsta attacks on gays from Atlanta to NYC have gone skyhigh since Obama came in.

Russ Manley said...

Michael - thanks for stopping by the Blue Truck, I'll check out your blog too.

Joey - if you don't like what I write, there are a jillion other blogs to spend your time reading, so take your nasty-ass attitude and just move along, son.

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