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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It Gets Better: This Week's Faves

Not blogging much this week.  Just not in a mood to write.  There've been been several stories from Texas and around the country and the world that in a different mood I might have something to say about - but the holidays are not something I enjoy at this late age, for several good reasons.  And I just don't have the heart right now to blog about the various unhappy or hurtful or hateful things people have said or done.  I reckon you guys are keeping up with all that via the newsy blogs I link to in the side column, if you want to.

Mainly I'm just puttering around the house here, working on one little project or another, nothing worth mentioning.  No turkey day for me this week.  But the ex-roommate and I are going to get together next week for our monthly dinner, and he's a good cook so that will be nice.

Meanwhile, about all I can come up with to post are some well-done or noteworthy videos from the It Gets Better Project.  Times have changed, are changing, will change for the better - eventually.  Not sure how much more change I'll see in my lifetime, but here's my tiny contribution to hope.  All I can do for now.

The Honorable Joe Biden, Vice President of the United States:

The leader of Her Majesty's Government, the Right Honourable David Cameron:

Lance Corporal James Wharton of the British Army:

Specialist Drury, United States Army, Kandahar Air Base, Afghanistan:

Scott Zumwalt, of an illustrious American military family:

Boston's FLAG Flag Football League:

Employees of Pixar Animation Studios:

Andy and Jason, from Chicago:

Micah Jesse was bullied starting in preschool:

Students at Princeton University:

Sally Field and friends:

And finally, the Pop Luck Club proves that the impossible is . . . very possible after all:


Greg said...

I love the one from Pixar. had me in tears through some of it.

Sebastian said...

Dear Russ, here's wishing that you and I each get through turkey day. It's no fun when one has no one to share it with, or when the alternative is feigned intimacy with well meaning folks who invite the strays and singles. I think the latter is worse, at least for me. So I'm taking a long drive, being thankful for a car with a full gas tank and beautiful scenery.

Russ Manley said...

Greg - yes, that's a good one, I liked it too.

Sebastian - I hear you and appreciate ya good buddy. It's cold and wet here so I'm staying inside but enjoy your ride, man.

Mareczku said...

Thank you for sharing these. Glad to see Vice President Biden giving his support. I was in tears watching some of these. Hope that you all had a nice Thanksgiving. I am thankful to have my parents. My mom is 89 and still the best cook. Great turkey and stuffing. Peace to all.

Mareczku said...

I was very touched by several of these. Thanks for sharing. Glad that Vice President Biden said a few words.

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