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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tired Old Queen at the Movies: The Awful Truth

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Steve Hayes reviews the classic husband-and-wife comedy:
Cary Grant and Irene Dunne are at their zany best and will have you on the floor with holiday laughter in Leo McCary's classic screwball comedy THE AWFUL TRUTH (1937). Playing a couple about to divorce, they do everything possible to stay together and the result is non-stop hilarity. Ralph Bellamy lends excellent support as a hick Texas oilman and Cecil Cunningham is fabulously deadpan as Dunne's mischievous, matchmaking Aunt Patsy. Here's to love, laughter and Happy Holidays from the entire team at "STEVE HAYES: Tired Old Queen at the Movies."

Merry Christmas!

You can watch the whole show on YouTube here.

Steve don't know much about geography, and can't tell the difference between Texas and Oklahoma, but he shore does know his moo'm pitchers. Catch more fabulous movie reviews at Steve's YouTube channel.

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