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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

In Memoriam: Clara Cannucciari, 1915-2013

Clara Cannuciari, star of the YouTube series Great Depression Cooking, is dead at age 98.  The series, produced by her grandson Christopher, is a warm-hearted look at Clara's life and recipes from an earlier time. Some of the recipes and ingredients seem a bit foreign to this Southerner, but really they are all as simple and straightforward as the meals my own grandmother used to cook, and the finished dishes all look mighty tasty to me.  I am sure Clara's family and friends will miss not only her cooking, but also her good cheer.

You can see all of Clara's videos at her YouTube channel. Just for an appetizer, here's a sample one from 2007:

Kudos to Christopher for sharing his grandmother with us in this beautifully produced, charming series, and thereby also creating a wonderful record for her family to remember her by.


Frank said...

Thanks, Russ for sharing the news about Clara's passing. She reminded my of so many of my own family. I will post her memorial also.

Russ Manley said...

Good, do that. She was a nice lady, would have been fun to know I think.

Tim said...

That first one left me in tears, what a lovely lady.

Davis said...

God Rest Her Soul - a great gal and an inspiration - 98 ?! Wow...

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