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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Better This Way

Here's your hairy bear fix for the day:  singer-songwriter Doug Strahm serves up this sweet story of true manlove from his debut album, Everything Has Changed:

You can download the album or any of its tracks via iTunes or Amazon at Doug's website. From his bio:
Born and raised in Fort Wayne, IN, Doug Strahm grew up in an Italian Catholic household knowing early in his life that he was different from what society expected. He began singing at the age of five to local neighbors for .25 cents a song.

Raised to march with the drum beat of family and social expectations, he married and fathered three children. At the age of 23, he divorced and gained full custody of his children – a 23 year old single father with two of his three toddlers still in diapers.

He spent his early years writing jingles and video commercials for local businesses while he owned and operated a critically acclaimed Italian restaurant. During this time he also was very involved with Nashville songwriting seminars, networking and writing with independent artists and publishers. Many doors would easily open for him when he would show up at A&R & publishing departments with lunch that he would prepare himself using recipes from his restaurant. A shameless bribe but it worked. ;-)

He continued to write, work his restaurant, do studio work, raise his children and fathered another son. Things changed later in life and after his last marriage, with full custody of his four children, he met the true love of his life. In October, he and his significant other will celebrate their 17th anniversary.

He holds his partner, Bruce, and his children very close. A proud father, he considers them his best friends and is a devoted family man.
Sweet.  They didn't make musicians like this in my day and time - or they certainly were never allowed to be out and proud.  This is the kind of artist we should be encouraging, guys. So go check out the other songs on the album and give Doug a chance. 

At least you know you want to see more of his hairy body here.


Tim said...

What's the man thinking about! Who could turn down Chris Miklos....Grrrrr! ;P

Russ Manley said...


Stan said...

would love to be in that bar in the video with all those hot Bears. Woof!

Russ Manley said...

Would be a great place to hang out, for sure.

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