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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hating the Gays in Small-town Texas

Well boys, wherever you are and however much you love it or hate it, be glad that you are not stuck in a small town in Texas, as some of us are.

A couple up in Clarendon, which is about halfway between Childress and Amarillo, if that means anything to you, awoke on Monday morning to find "LEAVE OR DIE FAGS" painted in red letters on their front porch. Pronews 7 in Amarillo has the story, along with raw footage of the couple and the Church of Christ pastor who published a warning article about the horrendous "gay agenda" in the local paper a couple of weeks ago:

What I Say: Your Head Trucker's heart goes out to those guys. I have been that scared one time myself, many years ago, following a physical assault. It's a terrible feeling that you aren't safe in your own home, and all you can think to do is get as far away as possible.

Now at this late age, I know enough of how the world operates to believe that the probability is that this was done by some bored teenager who is having a big laugh with his friends now over "scaring the fags," and nothing more will come of it. Still - you never know.

You come for me, be prepared. But it's a mighty lonesome feeling to be gay in a small town far from modern civilization, and surrounded by people who hate your guts and think you are the devil's own spawn. I hope the guys find a new home in a better place real soon. Like my Mama always said - "Texas is a good place to be from." She was right, of course, as usual.

BTW - that Church of Christ in Clarendon is not to be confused with the very gay-friendly United Church of Christ, which has been conducting same-sex weddings for some years now. This Church of Christ is, I believe, the one that doesn't allow any musical instruments to be played in church, and thinks they are the only ones going to Heaven - like so many other half-baked, self-righteous fundamentalists who blacken the name of the one they claim to follow with their smug hatred and deep ignorance.


Frank said...

Sad, disturbing. Could not get through the minister's interview. The closer we get to achieving rights the more we can expect backlash from those whose world view is threatened.

Russ Manley said...

Yup. It was hard to sit through the whole interview for me too but did you notice he tied in the fact that "you can't leave your doors unlocked" (like when he was a kid) to teh gays and abortion? Which makes no sense, of course.

This is pure scapegoating: a fearful, angry man blaming everybody for his troubles except the ones who deserve the blame.

Harper's Keeper said...

The minister makes me ashamed to be a Christian. He knows his paid advertisement was misleading and intended it to be so. He wanted it to be incendiary and he succeeded with a predictable outcome. His claim to condemn the vandalism and threat of violence is hollow. As a minister he should have the courage of his convictions. Trying to distance himself from the consequences of his actions is that act of a liar and a coward; neither of which are appropriate characteristics for a man of faith.

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