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Monday, September 17, 2012

Tired Old Queen at the Movies: Shadow of a Doubt

Steve Hayes has returned from a long absence this summer to bring us another fabulous movie review, this time of a classic Hitchcock thriller.
Death comes to small town America when Teresa Wright and Joseph Cotton star in Alfred Hitchcock's personal favorite of all his films: SHADOW OF A DOUBT (1943). Everyone in the Newton family is delighted that dear Uncle Charlie (Joseph Cotton) has come for an extended visit. His biggest admirer is his niece, Young Charlie (Teresa Wright), who begins to suspect that something isn't quite right with her mysterious relative when two FBI men appear and begin asking questions. The suspense slowly mounts as she begins to realize she must release her uncle from her what she thought he was, in order to see what he might actually be - and that could be murder.

Catch more of Steve's great reviews at his YouTube channel.


Harper's Keeper said...

I did not realize "Shadow of a Doubt" was AH's favorite of his movies. Interesting!

Red-Hot-Chilli said...

yes, it's also a favourite with many critics and film makers, too, although it is NOT my fave AH movie. Nevertheless, I can see why it's so highly regarded.

By the way, my fave's The Birds, followed by Psycho!

Thanks, Russ, for the link!

Russ Manley said...

Glad you like, fellas. It's a great thriller.

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