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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How We Remember 9/11 Now

via NBC News Photoblog

Your Head Trucker is glad to be back online after a loss of internet connection that began on Saturday; but sad to learn of the grievous attack in Libya that killed our ambassador, and the asshole film that provoked it. As one commentator has put it, this was a case of "some Christian fringe extremists provoking Muslim fringe extremists," and I have no respect for either kind, and neither variety deserves to be dignified with the name of religion - which is supposed to make men more just and more merciful, not less.

Also worth your time is this article by the New Yorker's Amy Davidson: How We Remember 9/11 Now. Just go read it; I have nothing to add to what she says.


Davis said...

Thanks Russ, Yes these low-lifes are in ever religion or group. A sorry state of affairs along with the politicians that want to make hay over the tragic deaths in Benghazi today.

We are all seeing a shift in our appreciation (if that's an appropriate word) for the 9/11 tragedy. Somehow it feels much more distant this year than last, yet we will never forget.

Stan said...

I'll never understand religious fundamentalism.

Russ Manley said...

I hear you, guys.

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