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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When You Eat That Banana

. . . you're getting a little dose of radiation from the potassium it contains.  But don't worry, boys, it's perfectly safe - that's just a tee-tiny fraction of the radiation your own body already gives out, and it automatically regulates your potassium levels through homeostasis, or something like that.  (The things you learn on the way to looking up something else . . . .)

So go ahead, eat the whole thing.  And swallow.  It's good for you.

Dean Monroe


BadgerBear said...

Sadly, bananas are the one food I cannot eat: allergic! *sigh* So many comic/erotic sight gag opportunities, gone!

Tim said...

When I was 15 a teacher told the class I was in that cooked banana skins were mildly halucinogenic. You couldn't find a banana in the local stores for a week afterwards! I boiled mine, the resultant mush was disgusting, and put me off drugs for life. Thank you Bob Allen!

Russ Manley said...

Badger, that's too bad. Maybe if you look around, you can find a, um, similar substitute. Grin.

Tim, I remember hearing about the banana skins, only I think you were supposed to scrape the inside and smoke it or something. I never tried, and thankfully I never had any friends who were into drugs so I missed most of that era.

The thing is, it seemed we were forever getting hit in, say, 7th to 9th grade with lectures and movies and handouts about all the various kinds of drugs and what they would do - instead of scaring us off, it just made us innocent, sheltered kids, who had never heard of dope before that, enormously curious to go try them! Not a well-thought-out educational approach.

Tim said...

We didn't have any drug lectures at all, or none that I can remember, it wasn't necessary in those rather naive days. It was a College/University/Hippy thing, not a problem then amongst young teenagers, how times have changed!

Bob Allen was a really cool guy, not that young, but tuned in to the minds of 15 year olds. I think he told us about it with a twinkle in his eye, nowadays he'd be hauled up before law by a bunch of screaming parents, even though the drug problem nowadays is rife and affecting the sub-teens. We were so happily innocent back then.

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