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Saturday, April 21, 2012

In an English Country Garden

I wonder if any of my truckbuddies remember the tune of the same title:  it was a well-known piece that I learned to play as a kid while taking piano lessons (which, alas, I didn't continue very long).

I was reminded of both tune and title by the serendipitous discovery on YouTube of some BBC programs done in the late 1980's which are really delightful.  I don't think they were ever shown over here, but if you like to cook and garden, check these out, I think you'll enjoy them.


Tim said...

The wartime kitchen and garden epidsode brings back memories of growing up in the 50's. Rationing was still on when I was born and gardens were for fruit and vegetables, not flowers! Many fruits and some meats were still unobtainable, so the moto in the kitchen was "want not, waste not".

I still hate wasting, or throwing food away, habits I learnt from my Ma. Fortunately now, gardens are more for enjoyment, though sadly very much smaller on modern properties than they used to be.

Russ Manley said...

We had no rationing over here in my lifetime but my grandmother had grown up way back and way out in the country, where money was scarce and nearly everything you ate was grown at home, with much labor.

So food was not wasted at her house, and what wasn't eaten at one sitting often reappeared the next day, perhaps combined with something else to make a new dish, but she was very much a waste not, want not person. I've seen her save just two bare spoonfuls of something - I'm not that bad but I do tend to save leftovers until they are inedible.

Frank said...

Ah, envy of living on an estate!

Here, I am the gardener, head cook, pastry cook, scullery maid, upstairs maid, downstairs maid, handyman, landscaper, dishwasher and washer-woman, just to mention a few.

Russ Manley said...

Ha. I hope his Lordship compensates you well for all that hard work, ducks.

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