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Friday, July 30, 2010

Waitin' for the Weekend

Your Head Trucker hasn't found much to blog about lately - the summer heat and other things seem to have drained most of my mental and physical energy away, so I'm just in a state of lassitude right now.  It's too hot to do anything here in Texas; even staying cooped up under a/c in the house, somehow the summer sun seems to suck all the life out of things.  Most of my flowers are all burned up now, and the lawn is looking more and more like a piece of well-done toast.  I'd take a picture to show ya what I mean, but even that seems like too much effort at the moment.

But thanks to my good buddy M. Pierre, I do have these smoking hot pics of one of our favorites:  sexy-innocent Steve Sandvoss, who starred in Latter Days.  Enjoy, fellas - I'll catch up with you all down the road.


dave said...

It's been a terrible summer. I wonder that anyone has any energy at all. Take care Bud!

Russ Manley said...

You too man. Temps are going to 100+ all this week here . . . whew.

Stan said...

The heat and humidity have been awful this summer. July was the hottest on record here in New Jersey. Can't wait for fall to come. I've just about had it with no A/C all summer.

Russ Manley said...

I feel for ya man. Reminds me of a colleague thirty years ago from upstate New York who took a job in south Alabama, and soon was in the market for a new car.

He bought one without air conditioning, since nobody back home ever had that unnecessary item in their cars or even their homes.

He soon realized he had made a mistake. Big time.

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