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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Way to Go, Joe!

The Veep gave a rousing speech in favor of gay rights last night, well worth your time to listen to. From the YouTube intro:
Vice President Joe Biden spoke to over 1,000 LGBT rights supporters at the Human Rights Campaign Los Angeles gala on March 22, 2014. Vice President Biden's inspiring remarks in support of global LGBT equality represent the latest step from a White House that has made fairness and dignity for LGBT people one of its top priorities.

Highlight, found at 12:00-14:00 in the clip below:
My grandkids, my children, and their kids are going to be shocked, it shocks the conscience, that this very moment in American history, in some states, an employer can fire you just because of who you are, or who you love. It’s close to barbaric. I mean think about this, no I really mean this. Imagine, imagine, twenty years from now, as Americans look back and say how in the hell could that have ever been allowed? The country’s moved on. The American people have moved on. It’s time for the Congress to move on and pass ENDA. Pass ENDA now! Not tomorrow, now!

If you think about it, it's outrageous we're even debating this subject. I really mean it. It's almost beyond belief that today, in 2014, I could say to you, you're an employee in so many states, and you're fired? Because of who you love? I mean, think about that. It is bizarre. No, no, no, it really is. I don't even think most Americans even know that employers can do that.

Later in his speech, at the 19:30 mark, Biden said:
The single most basic of all human rights is the right to decide who you love. It's the single basic building block, it is. It's the single most important human right that exists. And hate can never be defended because it's a so-called "cultural norm." I've had it up to here with cultural norms. I really mean it.

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