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Thursday, March 13, 2014

How It's Made: Croissants

In yesterday's post about our Mardi Gras dinner, I forgot to mention that M.P. also made from scratch two batches of the most marvelous croissants, perfectly tender and flaky, with a mouthwatering buttery taste. Don't have any pictures to show you, but as a substitute take a look at this amazing video about the making of commercial croissants - 50,000 an hour, can you believe?


Mike, Studio City said...

In 1983 I worked at a deli called 'Croissant Place' in West Hollywood. It is now called 'Basics' owned by the same lady, Mary, she also owns Marix Tex Mex. We would start making the croissants at 4 am, I would come to work at 7 am and there were people waiting at the door for the hot croissants. I know your friends croissants were great. Hand made is the only way to make the best. If he is not married he should be.

Stan said...

Croissants and beignets! Love them (a bit too much.)

Russ Manley said...

M.P. sent me home with a whole bag of them, wish I could share some with you guys.

Mike, Studio City said...

I almost bought some today but I was so full after my Mexican lunch and later a frozen yogurt. Yogurt, not as tasty as a croissant.

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