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Friday, October 16, 2020

What I'm Watching: Hacking Democracy (2006)

The other day, I just happened to come across this chilling, eye-opening documentary, which shows how easily American elections can be - and have been - stolen, ought to be required viewing for all Americans.  (Caution:  may be anxiety-producing.)

Ever since the dawn of the Digital Age more than 20 years ago, your Head Trucker has always thought that electronic voting machines and ballot-counting machines are simply and obviously an invitation to electoral fraud, and furthermore, that the only verifiable voting method is by paper ballot.  It takes no technical expertise to see that, only common sense.

I am gratified to see that some experts are now - just three weeks before the election - speaking out and saying these very things I have been saying to anyone who would listen all these many years.  (See links below.)  

Programmable, hackable machines should never have been used to record or count votes in any election.  And it's far too late now to change the system for this year's election.  I expect many challenges on both sides to the initial returns, and who knows how long it will be until the nation has a bona fide tally of the votes in all states.  We are used to knowing the winner by the next morning at the latest - but these are not normal times.

Be that as it may, we have to do what we can do, and not worry about what we can't.  Because if we don't vote, the result is certain, and abominable.

 NBC News: How to Make the Election Trustworthy, 10/13/20 

 PBS News Hour: What Election Officials Think about Paper Ballots and Voting Machines, 10/14/20


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