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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Keeping It French

 A Cajun cowboy explains why he clings to his roots.  You'll like this short vid, fellas, even if you don't parlez francais.



Frank said...

An interesting video. My ex, Joel, is "Acadien" from Northern Maine and I have difficulty conversing with him on the phone, his accent is so heavy. Back in Connecticut and Southern New England there is a large segment of the population that hails from Aroostook county in Maine most of whose families migrated south to work in mills and factories. They are very attached to their heritage and language as are the Louisiana French. The Acadian section of Northern Maine is known for growing potatoes, lots of potatoes. And I will just add that when I lived in Connecticut I met MANY Acadian men in the local gay bars and have gay friends of Acadian descent. In fact one of the bar owners came from a family of six brothers and one sister, all of whom were gay or bi. I wonder if Cajun Cowboy ever strayed.

Russ Manley said...

He wouldn't have to stray very far if he wanted to go that way. But he looks very happy with his family and ranch, good for him.

M.P. has a cousin who did the genealogical spade work and connected with some very distant cousins up in Nova Scotia. The cousin speaks French; M. P. does not, though he can pick up on a few words now and then.

I didn't realize there were a lot of Acadiens in New England too. Huh. Wonder what their cuisine is like.

Davis said...

Not all the Acadians were forced to go to Louisiana - some managed to stay back home in the Maritimes.

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