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Sunday, October 25, 2020

We Voted

 Yesterday.  About 5 p.m.  Big auditorium, almost nobody there.  No lines, no waiting, poll workers very friendly and helpful.  It was a breeze.  Thank goodness for early voting.  (I'm happy to report that we were given scannable paper ballots, too.)

On the way home we picked up some groceries, including a little slice of blueberry cheese - yes, there is such a thing and it's delicious - came home, kicked off our shoes, and celebrated our votes with assorted cheeses, pepperoni slices, homemade "pizza toast," and a bottle of Guinness each.  Also conversation, music, and laughs.  Cheaper and much more fun than going out to a bar, we both agreed.

So for the record, the Pork Boys have done their patriotic duty to put the country back on the right track.  The rest is up to all of you. 



Frank said...

We did the same a couple of weeks ago. Was so glad to get that done and the sound of the voting tabulator as it registered my vote was sweet to hear. No matter what, the weeks and months until January 21 will be nail-biters.

Russ Manley said...

Yes, I'm afraid so. And then I hope the work of de-escalation and reconciliation will begin. Even with a Democratic victory, we just cannot go on divided down the middle as we are. I do hope somebody in the Democratic leadership has a clue of how to begin knitting the country back together. A triumphal attitude will only make things worse.

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