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Friday, August 8, 2014

Waitin' for the Weekend

Beefcake memories:  my best friend M.P. and my truckbuddy Tim have contributed these pics of some handsome faces from the silver screen for this week's WfW.

Above and below:  Montgomery Clift.

Above and below:  Dewey Martin.

Above and below:  Farley Granger.

Martin, so Wikipedia indicates, is now 90 years old and retired; as far as I know he is straight, but the other two - both have passed away - certainly weren't. While your mind's in the 1950's, just for fun here's a recollection by British writer and artist Ronald Wright on his first visit to a gay bar in Picadilly, in the early years of the decade:


Davis said...

I met Farley Granger as a senior in high school at a play he was doing. Very suave and charming.

Always had a secret crush for Dewey Martin.

M. Pierre said...

ah, here's to the beauty of Men. my crushes were Laurence Olivier, Rock Hudson, and Paul Newman. interesting to note how our youthful crushes of these leading men are peppered with men who were actually Gay. especially when i thought there were surely very few "guys like me" in the world.

Tim said...

Such a shame Dewey didn't fit in with Hollywood, he certainly 'looked' the part!

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