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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Drive: The Cowsills

The Cowsills - six brothers, a sister, and their mom - were dismissed by some as just bubblegum rockers, but I always liked them - the family harmonies were, as with the Beach Boys, always great to listen to, happy sounds. And they were, of course, the inspiration for the Partridge Family TV series, very popular in its day, but which I didn't care much for.

Here they are singing their 1968 hit, "Indian Lake," on a Buddy Ebsen TV special:

And the namesake tune from the hit Broadway musical, 1969:

Finally a video of the remaining group members performing their big 1967 gold record, filmed last year up in Massachusetts:


Frank said...

The outfits in that first video are....I hate to say...embarrassing. Was never really into their music, but it does reflect the era.

Tim said...

Sadly perhaps, they never made across the pond, but I admire their sense of irony! I can see you're slowly working up to the 70's next Russ, dust of those flares!

Ted said...

I was in high school, in the orchestra, and we played for a festival for the State Fair of Texas. Not only were they playing at the fair, they were staying in the same hotel. They had been on tour and not been around teenagers in months, so the boys played football, the girls gossiped, and everyone wound up in a hootnanny till early in the morning.

Russ Manley said...

How cool, what a great memory.

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