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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wealth in America

Interesting video. However, a few cautions from your Head Trucker: for one thing, the maker of this flick does not identify himself. There are some references to various sources given at the video's home page on YouTube, but I've not read those myself.

Also, the video makes no effort to show how the U.S. picture it draws compares with that of other countries; nor does it give any historical comparisons, which would be important to help you understand whether the current situation is the end of a long trend, or an historical anomaly.

So in other words, take this with a grain of salt, and go do your own research before reaching any definite conclusions.

Honk to Wounded Bird.


Frank said...

Interesting, disturbing, very believable.

Nikolaos said...

I've done some pieces on this.



Russ Manley said...

Those charts are most interesting, Nikolaos, I wish I had studied economics in school so I could ask some intelligent questions about them.

I also poked about in some of your other articles - what little I already knew of Keynes led me to think he had much good sense, and I'm glad to hear that confirmed. I also loved the sign "Don't starve Medicare to fund Socialized Medicine." Cretins, yes indeed - but there are so many of them.

I'm adding your blog to my list at right. Do keep up the good work.

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