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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Married in Maine - At Last

Last night in Portland, Steven Bridges, left, and Michael Snell
became the first gay couple ever married in Maine.
Hooray for the ordinary middle-aged gay guys like me!  And millions of others.

The first same-sex couples to be married in Maine lined up at Portland City Hall tie the knot after midnight last evening, when the state's new voter-approved marriage law took effect.  Couples were serenaded inside the courthouse by a jazz trio playing "What a Difference a Day Makes," while outside they were greeted by a crowd singing "All You Need is Love."

Beautiful.  All good wishes to the happy couples.

Kudos to all the folks who worked hard to reverse the 2009 referendum that torpedoed Maine's marriage equality law. It's worth taking a look back at this video featuring 90-year-old Harlan Gardner and four generations of his family, which is one of several that helped enlighten and educate Maine voters this year, resulting in a 53-47 win for marriage at the ballot box in November:

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