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Saturday, June 9, 2012

This Week in Marriage News

This week, three steps forward and two steps back for marriage equality:

Another Federal appeals court found section 3 of DOMA unconstitutional, in the Edie Windsor case I've blogged about before. Here's Edie thanking her supporters:

Also, in the Perry v. Brown case, the federal Ninth Circuit appeals court turned down a request by anti-gay proponents to have the case reheard by the full 11-member court; a three-member panel in February of this year upheld the finding of a lower federal court that California's Prop 8, which in 2008 took away from gays and lesbians the right to marry in that state, was unconstitutional.  The anti-gay side has 90 days in which to appeal the case to the U. S. Supreme Court.

And in far-away Denmark, the first country in the world to authorize same-sex registered partnerships back in 1989, their parliament has voted 85-24 to enact same-sex marriage, which will begin on June 15.

Elsewhere, though, the struggle goes on: in both Maryland and Washington state, anti-gay forces have submitted enough signatures to subject those states' recently-enacted equal-marriage laws to referendums in November.  In no state so far have voters ever approved same-sex marriage.

But hey, there's got to be a first time somewhere, right?  So we'll keep our fingers crossed.

But consider this New Yorker piece that discusses the ramifications of the marriage struggle on the presidential election, and vice-versa.

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