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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Drive: Chely Wright

The first major country-music star to come out.

But only after years of hiding, lying, and inner torment caused in large part by her religious upbringing, which led her in 2006 to put a gun in her mouth:  "layers and layers of betrayal of myself, of lying to myself."  Which I know a lot of my Truckbuddies, like me, can relate to.

Listen to her moving story, and send this on to those good country people you know and love who haven't quite gotten the point about the gay thing yet.  Maybe this will help.

Chely's official website here.

To order an autographed copy of Like Me, her autobiography released last week, click here.


M. Pierre said...

WOW, im at a loss for the right words,..the words articulate and sapient, come to my mind. here is a beautiful inteligent woman, of incredible integrety, laying her heart out there for the whole VERITAS. especially touching to any of us who have lost someone to suicide because of homophopia. or been close to it ourselves. i wish i could shower her with thanks.
her brave honesty..
i really don't know how to express myself and my feelings here, which as you know is unusual for this talkative old bird.
i know that God created a wonderful person and is delighting in that creation right now.

Russ Manley said...

Yes, she gives a powerful witness here, very well done. Glad you found it so touching, I did too.

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