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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More Flutterbyes

Believe it or not, your Head Trucker is not really much into bugs, but I'm having a helluva good time with photographing 'em.  Two or three, maybe four new species today. Click on the pics to enlarge. 

These tiny little silver-winged fellows look very elegant:

But they seem to prefer eating their dinner upside-down.  Go figure.

Then there were some striped ones:

Of course, when the dinner bell rings, everybody comes a-runnin':

I felt sorry for this ragged little fellow,
wonder what the other guy looks like?

But maybe that's just the way he's made. 
And then there were these spotted fellas - baby monarchs, maybe?

Digital photography is the best damn thing since sliced bread, and you can quote me on that, guys.  I never would have given a second glance to all these little critters if not for my Kodak.  Which is not the latest and greatest, either:  just a little $150 point-and-shoot, with a close-up setting.

The beauty of this digital stuff is, not only does it make beautiful crisp, clear pics, but it also gives you the freedom to take lots and lots and lots of pictures.  Without having to stop and reload film, and without worrying about the cost of developing.  That's the only way to get really good shots, because the more pics you take, the higher your chances of getting some good ones.  (Conversely, that's also why most of our family snapshots from years gone by don't look so great:  you didn't want to "waste" your film, so you only took a relatively few photos, and didn't give the law of averages a chance to work in your favor.) 

FYI, I took 48 snaps today, got about a dozen good ones out of all that, and as you can see above, 3 or 4 really cool pics.  And I have never had any training whatsoever in photography.  Totally fucking awesome. 

If they'd had this technology when I was in school, think I would have gone in a whole different career direction.  I'm lovin' it.


CJ/Rick said...

Great shots! They love those ligustrums. Is that the flowers they are feeding on??? I didn't see many butterflies but lots and lots of bees during the 7-10 days of peek blooming. They smell great. Almost nauseating.
Digital is awesome. They'd only be a fraction of photos on line if it weren't for digital.

Ray's Cowboy said...

Very nice. I love butterflys. Sometimes it is relaxing to watch them do their thing while I am gardening.

Russ Manley said...

Thanks guys. It's really cool how the photography lets me notice all the tiny details of flowers and butterflies that I've never seen before. Amazing.

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